UCSD Muir College

The main page of UCSD's Muir site before the integration of CMS

The main page of UCSD's Muir site after the integration of CMS

UC San Diego is divided up into six colleges. Each with it’s own personality. These different personalities were reflected in their websites. Each very different with it’s own set of developers. This prove to be a difficult situation concerning UCSD’s branding and a nightmare when they decided to consolidate the colleges’ websites into a single Content Management System (CMS). I was tasked with project managing the integration of the current Muir website into the CMS. This was not an easy task. The current site had a great deal of legacy code and content. A timeline with milestones and communication with the college were implemented. All members of the integration team had to be kept in the loop. Design documentation was created to ensure that all understood how the implementation was being done. Since the current site was several years old we first had to map out every component of the current site. Once that was done, a method of recreating (in the CMS) the functionality that existed on the current website while adapting the new look proved to be very challenging.

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